Thursday 20th February 8 pm

Talk 'The Public Houses of Thorpe"  Nick Williams

St. Andrew's Centre, Thunder Lane

Thursday 16th. April 8 pm


The advertised talk on Thorpe Schools 1937-1997 due to be held on Thursday 16th April has been cancelled due to the spread of the coronavirus and the possible impact on people attending, the Thorpe History Group felt it would be inappropriate to go ahead.
It will be rescheduled for later this year or next year.
We hope to be able to hold the other events in our 2020 programme but that will depend upon what happens with the coronavirus. We will update our website as things evolve.

Sunday 14th. June

Chapel Lane- a guided walk up this historic lane.

St. Andrew's Centre, Thunder Lane

Saturday 4th. July

Archive day - an opportunity to see the material about Thorpe held at the Janet Smith Archive

Roxley Hall, Yarmouth Road


Saturday 25th.July  2 p.m.

Tour of the Rosary Cemetery

Rosary Cemetery, Rosary Road


 Friday 11th. September 2pm

Talk and Tour of Thorpe Lodge,Yarmouth Road.

Heritage Open Day

(booking necessary when brochure published in August)

Sunday 27th. September 2 p.m.

Guided walk 'The builders who built the Spinney, Hillcrest and Plumstead estates


Thursday 22nd. October 8 p.m

The life and times of Robert Caston (1887-1981) Dale Wiseman

St. Andrews Centre, Thunder Lane


Please note: There is a modest charge of £3 per head for the talks and the guided walk around St Andrew's Hospital but the other events are free.

Booking may be necessary for the walks and the tour of the Rosary. Please contact Nick Williams on 01603 438766 or email for further information.


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