Snippets 1995-2012. Price £3.50

This book compiled by Malcolm Martins follows on from the original Snippets and covers the years when further development took place and Thorpe St. Andrew became a town. It starts with phase 3 of Dussindale and ends with proposals to develop Pinebanks and Griffin Lane. At the rear is a reprint of the original illustrated sales catalogue of Caston & Son, the builders who built a large part of the North of Thorpe.
Thanks to Paul Caston for giving us the copy. Find out how much your house cost when new and what was included.

This book is also available from the Town Council 01603 701048
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From A Wagon To The Web         Price £5.00+£2.00 p.&p.
This book by Dale Wiseman and Roger Pointer is about some of the shops and shopkeepers that have served the Thorpe area since the times of Queen Victoria. There have been many large families of shopkeepers, some of which have been around for over sixty years. The development and change in shopping habits also plays an important part of this story. Many shops are featured including butchers, bakers, newsagents and post offices. The impact of rationing and the delivery service became another important cog of the everyday shop. Who could forget the impact of the supermarket style of shopping, but this appears to have made the Thorpe picture more diverse and interesting.
The book is available at from Dale Wiseman
Snippets 1895-1995.   Price   £3.50
This illustrated book records events from the Parish Council minutes from
1895-1995. It also records events from 1844 to 1892 prior to the formation of the council. The information in the book was put together by Harry Barber, M.B.E.
(A previous Clerk to the Council) , Miss Janet Smith and Mrs Vivienne Roberts of Thorpe History Group. It is interesting to see the massive changes made in Thorpe St. Andrew since 1844 when it was a tiny village mainly centred on the riverside to the much more densely populated Town  of 14,000 people we have today. The council minutes record in an honest way all the civic events of those years.
The book is available from the Town Council  Tel .01603 701048 , Email
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