Thorpe St Andrew - A Revised History, price £10.
This is a newly revised version of Trevor's book, first published in 2002, It takes the form of an imaginary two mile journey along the Yarmouth Road, starting at Harvey Lane and ending at Boundary Lane. In taking this journey It tells the story of the growth of Thorpe from the mediaeval period up to the nineteenth century and describes many of the buildings - some of which are  No longer there - that lined the road.
It is available from  local book shops.
Origins of the Street and Road Names
of Thorpe St Andrew, price £6.

Written by Thorpe men Dale Wiseman
and Roger Pointer this new book is a
zetteer of the town's road and street
names in a handy volume. Their research
has enabled them to provide the detail
behind the signs we pass every day.It also
cludes essays on some of the
re interesting names linked to Thorpe
ch as Boulton and Paul and the Caston
Family. This book is sold out but a second hand copy may be found online or in local book shops.
Thorpe St Andrew War Memorial, by John Balls, price £5.

Published in 2014 to coincide with the centennial commemorations
of the outbreak of the First World War John's Lavishly illustrated
book is a carefully researched tribute to the men who died during
that conflict and whose names are recorded on the Thorpe war
memorial on River Green.. It includes servicemen of many
different backgrounds such as Captain Frank Haldenstein, son
of wealthy shoe manufacturer Alfred Haldenstein of Thorpe Lodge,
killed in France in 1917, and Claude Kysh, who died of wounds
after the end of the war in November 1918.
'Thorpe St Andrew War Memorial' can be obtained direct  from
John Balls at 01603 433712 or email
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